Coming into Fruition, Cultivating Patience & Following Dreams

For the last few years I felt a little confused as to whether I was heading in the right direction. Self-doubt would creep in especially when I was over-doing it, that little voice telling me what I was doing was wrong or silly. It took all my faith in the #universe, my daily #self-practice of #AyurvedicRoutine, #Yoga, #Meditation & #Self-Inquiry to remain centered and true to myself and my #dreams. Sometimes we don’t see #fruition when we expect and we doubt ourselves. Refle

Are you being tricked?

There was a time when I lived for the weekend. A time when all my money was spent on meals in restaurants, wine, new clothes, make-up, tanning, nightclubs, pubs, gym membership…… I was in a bubble of Rajas-Tamas… In Ayurveda we have 3 qualities of everything – Sattva, Rajas & Tamas. They are called ‘gunas’ in Sanskrit and mean ‘what binds’. Those of you that have attended my workshops will know that; Sattva is pure & calm, it’s the quality of clarity & gives us intelligent ba