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Supporting your journey in becoming the best version of YOU

Mango Wisdom Wellness Ayurveda & Yoga provides a holistic approach to wellness, combining the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga to help clients find balance and joy in their daily lives. With personalized lifestyle consultations and tailored programs to suit each individual's needs, Mango Wisdom offers a comprehensive roadmap to achieving long-term wellbeing. 

Ayurveda & Yoga make up a complete health & wellness system that prevent ill health & treat health issues at the root using natural & holistic methods. You are in the right place if you are ready to make changes to your lifestyle but don't know where to begin. I can offer you multiple layers of support, starting with a consultation, you may choose a Ayurvedic Wellness & Lifestyle Program or a block of counseling sessions to get you on the right road to you vitality. 


You may have anxiety, allergies, digestion issues, fatigue, immunity concerns, skin problems, weight issues or frequent illness Mango Wisdom Wellness can support you.


 Start your own unique self-healing journey

Ayurveda is a holistic & person-centered system that prevents the formation of disease & provides methods of self-healing. During your consultation I will assess your Prakriti (Ayurvedic Body-Type), and examine each layer of your physical, mental & spiritual health through the unique process of Ayurvedic examination. We will discuss where you want to be in terms of your health & wellness and discover the imbalances preventing you from reaching those goals. You will receive personalised & achievable recommendations to achieve & maintain your holistic health & wellbeing.


Duration 90 minutes

Costs £90

 Let Ayurveda help you unlock your inner wisdom and well-being.


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Your Ayurvedic Wellbeing & Lifestyle Program will guide you in making the necessary changes to your lifestyle in order for you to achieve your health & wellbeing goals. 

This program is an optional add-on to the PERSONAL AYURVEDIC CONSULTATION.  

Personal Ayurvedic Program £120


Are you feeling stuck? 

Work 1:1 with me to alleviate the blocks preventing you from making healthy choices and being where you need to be.

This is a unique program of 6 online 1:1 counseling sessions so you can release, heal & re-connect with your own true nature. 

You may need help with fear & anxiety, with past trauma, support & guidance to re-shape your life & achieve new goals, food, weight or other health issues, or you may not know what you need right now & need help to find your way.

Because I understand that we’re all in different positions & at different stages of our unique journey, I have designed, tried and tested, a truly holistic & flexible approach for you using the ancient, timeless framework of Ayurveda & Yoga, which make up a complete health system, and support us with comprehensive guidelines, that can be implemented as gradually as necessary.

I can support you;

To achieve a specific goal - physically, mentally or spiritually


To find your way

 So whether you are sure of your path, or not, I can support you.

Your Personal 6 Week Program £212

25% discount in January (£159) 


Your guide to your own unique self-healing journey.

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