Are you being tricked?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

There was a time when I lived for the weekend. A time when all my money was spent on meals in restaurants, wine, new clothes, make-up, tanning, nightclubs, pubs, gym membership……

I was in a bubble of Rajas-Tamas…

In Ayurveda we have 3 qualities of everything – Sattva, Rajas & Tamas. They are called ‘gunas’ in Sanskrit and mean ‘what binds’.

Those of you that have attended my workshops will know that;

Sattva is pure & calm, it’s the quality of clarity & gives us intelligent balance in our lives.

Rajas is active & agitated, it’s self-satisfying, worrying & in excess creates imbalance.

Tamas is dull & inert, it’s stagnant & dark & connected with materialism & unconsciousness.

My life was predominantly Rajasic – I worked too much, exercised too much, did too much Yoga (yes, it’s possible), ate too much, drank too much, talked too much, thought too much…. The list goes on. When I reflect on this I cannot remember a time when I was still & peaceful, life was passing in a whirlwind, I was getting burned-out, but was thriving on the feeling because I was so out of balance.

I went on like this until my body & mind said NO! and shut-down. This is known as a nervous breakdown or burn-out syndrome, it can be associated with physical illness, which I believe is the body’s way of self-protection and self-preservation.

So I was forced to look deeper. Find balance, moderation.

Sattva, Rajas & Tamas are all necessary components. But balance is key. Think 80-15-5. Sattva 80%, Rajas 15% & Tamas 5%.

These qualities are applied to life-style practices, states of mind, the quality of food, everything. For example, coffee is Rajasic, so is working out in the gym and worrying about things that you cannot change, i