Coming into Fruition, Cultivating Patience & Following Dreams

For the last few years I felt a little confused as to whether I was heading in the right direction. Self-doubt would creep in especially when I was over-doing it, that little voice telling me what I was doing was wrong or silly. It took all my faith in the #universe, my daily #self-practice of #AyurvedicRoutine, #Yoga, #Meditation & #Self-Inquiry to remain centered and true to myself and my #dreams.

Sometimes we don’t see #fruition when we expect and we doubt ourselves. Reflection is positive, but chopping and changing trying to get results normally leaves us out of balance, and perhaps heading the wrong way. We all know what happens when we join the shorter #queue!

We are used to #instantresults, send an email and get a response, years ago this would have been a letter and we would have waited, maybe weeks. Want new shoes, buy them, no money? Use your credit card. It’s all instant. Hungry, ding! Dinner’s ready! But all this is built on weak foundations, don't you think?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my year….

From returning to my beloved