Coming into Fruition, Cultivating Patience & Following Dreams

For the last few years I felt a little confused as to whether I was heading in the right direction. Self-doubt would creep in especially when I was over-doing it, that little voice telling me what I was doing was wrong or silly. It took all my faith in the #universe, my daily #self-practice of #AyurvedicRoutine, #Yoga, #Meditation & #Self-Inquiry to remain centered and true to myself and my #dreams.

Sometimes we don’t see #fruition when we expect and we doubt ourselves. Reflection is positive, but chopping and changing trying to get results normally leaves us out of balance, and perhaps heading the wrong way. We all know what happens when we join the shorter #queue!

We are used to #instantresults, send an email and get a response, years ago this would have been a letter and we would have waited, maybe weeks. Want new shoes, buy them, no money? Use your credit card. It’s all instant. Hungry, ding! Dinner’s ready! But all this is built on weak foundations, don't you think?

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my year….

From returning to my beloved #MamaIndia with my father in January 2019, and playing the #tourist among #Aurangabad’s magnificent, ancient #Ajanta & #Ellora Caves to the east of Beautiful #Bombay, my favourite Indian city (1-4). To starting work on #TheMangoWisdomSchool with reservations & doubt that I wouldn’t have enough resources to make it work – but giving myself a strong talking to and getting on with it!

I think that was the point that my #fearoffailure started to peel away (5-7). This year I have truly realised the meaning of the saying 'you don't regret what you do, only what you don’t’ or something like that anyway.

#Failure has morphed for me, it’s no longer what I once thought, it actually feels ok when something doesn’t work out the way I thought. Often it’s better & there are some beautiful & #invaluablelessons. #MamaUniverse knows exactly what she is doing and allowing life to flow through me, rather than trying to control, understand & know exactly what is happening has worked wonderfully, why not try letting go a little and see how your life can flow?

The Mango Wisdom School was a true gift to us all, the children loved having a place of their own. We personalised our classroom with their wonderful work & thoroughly enjoyed the structure, games, singing & writing. Mamu, one #Colomb’s beach dogs loved to join us and this was a beautiful & natural opportunity to teach the children #kindness & #compassion for all beings. They have been taught from a young age to throw rocks at dogs to protect themselves & their food. There are many dogs roaming India, and they are often hungry, it’s a difficult situation to balance. With this opportunity Mamu became firm friends with the children and knew they would save him some of their meal to share with him.

I lived in Goa until the pre-monsoon hot season when most of us non-Goan’s flee for the mountains, the weather is unbearably hot and humid, just moving is a challenge, power-cuts are frequent, sometimes lasting for days & without the breeze from the fan, the air is stagnant, heavy & oppressive. #Teaching & #learning is impossible, in this environment the head feels as heavy & stagnant as the weather & no amount of luke warm showers or dips in the warm seas can relieve, there is no respite. The schools close until after the rains have passed and refreshed the land.

#PostMonsoon is a lush, vibrant time, #butterflies & birds everywhere, new life, I liken it to a UK spring, especially with the pretty cherry blossom trees in bloom for the second time up here in the Himalayas. After a busy & productive summer in the UK, I have come to my peaceful place in #Dharamshala, up in the scared, spiritual centre of the earth, the powerful Himalayan mountain range of the #Dhauladhar, to #reflect & #replenish (8) both myself and the #MangoMarket which is being managed by my beautiful & dear friend, #counsellor & #truth-sayer #KatieGautier. You will find Katie at #AllyPallyFarmers & Artisan’s Market on Sunday’s through November & December (9). She will be selling beautiful handmade pullovers, handwoven shawls & scarves, handknitted, warm, wooley socks, Ayurvedic herbs, herbal flower teas, hand-rolled & natural fragrance incense (10-14) all #fairtrade, your purchase of these products helps to support The Mango Wisdom School, and all the women that knit the socks here in the mountains, the families that produce the shawls & other textiles, families producing Cotton & Hemp in India & Nepal and others in need. These products are also available on the website -

It is such a #blessing to have my #friends & #family as part of the #TheMangoWisdom, as I dreamed, it will be a #collective of many people striving for a #UniversefoundedwithLOVE. A collective that understands that our true purpose in life is not just to satisfy our own desires & needs but to support each other, work together with compassion, love & kindness and understand that everything is connected.

The #MangoMarket was also born this year (2019), and is based on the theory & philosophy of the wonderful, practical health system of #Ayurveda & it’s sister #Yoga both ancient systems of India or Bharat.

I’m a student & practioner of Ayurveda studying with my beloved teacher, #DrArunSharma of #Ayuskama Clinic, Dharamshala. Words cannot express the love & gratitude I have for Dr. Arun, his knowledge & wisdom, his patience & moderation, his character & humility, his love & kindness. The teachings, treatment & care I received and continue to receive from this awesome human & the team at Ayuskama have changed my life, helped me to make sense of a confusing world & brought me peace. So if you need help and are ready to commit to a new way of living, visit Dr Arun (15).

Ayurveda, as I mentioned is a complete health system, a way of living ethically, holistically & true to our authentic nature. I have enjoyed sharing my #Ayurvedaworkshops this summer at #TheMillhouse - #Hertford, #Evergreen - #Letchworth, #WestburyArtCentre - #MiltonKeynes, #CornerstoneCommunityCentre - #Hove, #BrighthelmCentre - #Brighton & #SecretSpace#Hertford (16). Thank you to all that joined, shared & enjoyed and for all your wonderful feedback. An Ayurveda Level 1 Therapist certificated course in collaboration with Ayuskama is on the horizon and do get in touch if you’re interested. More workshops on offer in #Goa between November 2019 – May 2020 & in the UK in Summer 2020 helping you discover your true nature with Ayurveda.

At the beginning of October the beautiful ‘Discover the Song of the Heart’ #Deaf Yoga Retreat took place in Portugal with my dear friend and fellow manifester Rute aka #LeinMei (17-18). The first Mango Wisdom #DeafYogaRetreat was one of the best #experiences I have ever had in my life. As a #CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) I have dreamed of offering something from my #heart & #soul to the #Deafcommunity. For many years I worked as an interpreter or communication support worker (labels labels!!), and I loved it, but something was always missing. I felt I was creating a barrier not removing #barriers. I always said that I would use my mother tongue to make a difference and this has come true. I’m so glad I fell back in love with my first language after some negative experiences and I thank a dear friend and interpreter Lucy Buckley for re-igniting my spark and supporting me on my new path. I see us working together in the future Lucy and I hope you do too!

Next month I will re-open The Mango Wisdom School in South Goa, I’m looking forward to returning to my special place and even more to start teaching my beautiful students. I would like to incorporate #computer studies into our #curriculum and I know from the interest the children have always given my laptop and Naomi’s ipad they will love it! This is a great reason for teaching them these skills, but the main reason is to make them more employable in the future, should they wish to find jobs. So, if you have an old laptop that you no longer have use for, please delete files and #donate to The Mango Wisdom School. I can arrange for them to be picked up and brought to #India, or bring it yourself if you’re coming this way! We are also asking for #volunteers & #financial #donations to keep our school going, although my summer work has raised #income for us and I have some very generous people who make #regular #donations we are reaching out again, and if you can spare anything at all to help us teach, feed and provide for our beautiful children then please donate. No amount is too small and everything goes towards making a difference for our ever growing family.

I want you to know a little of our children, I say ‘our’ because my belief is that we are the mothers and fathers of all the children on earth, not because any of these children came from my body. When I was a precocious child, I never felt the need to bring more children into the world when there are so many children that need love. An ideology that I have remained true to. I do not believe that true love discriminates between children of your own body and those of another. It is the ego-mind that discriminates. But that is just my perspective, and way of living, and I don’t mean to cause offence, just wish to share & promote thinking.

The mind is what makes us turn away from something difficult to handle and the heart is what makes us embrace and do what we can, forgiving ourselves for what we cannot.

So back to the #story of our children who arrive in Goa, sometimes unaccompanied, from the neighbouring state of #Karnataka to find resources to survive. Their parents #learned to #beg as babies, so did their grandparents, and so did they. Whole families are often #illiterate and unable to be part of the Indian System because of inability to register themselves & their children. We have tried to enrol our children in the local schools, and without a birth certificate it seems quite impossible. The children are streetwise, and also find the strict structure of the school system quite alien. I do not try to understand the enmeshed intricacies of this for it takes too much energy and normally concludes without fruit. The Mango Wisdom School has a more #flexible #approach inspired & informed by my experience in special and alternative education, child care & health promotion & community development in the UK. Thank you to all those that inspired me at The Croft, HRC, HCC & Lonsdale School, I hope you know who you are.

So, if you have skills to offer such as #construction, #education #teaching #planning & #play, #hospitality & #creativearts and would like to get involved by volunteering with The Mango Wisdom in Goa (or remotely) then please get in touch. We are looking for people that know what skills they have to offer and can work following instructions but also with plenty of #commonsense and #selfmotivation. This is a small project and doesn’t have the resources to hold anyone’s hand, although we will be working together as a team.

So, if you want to join The Mango Wisdom Collective in any way, then you are welcome and please get in touch.

Thanks for reading, sending love & blessings from the mystical mountains


Laura xxx

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