I am so grateful for the beautiful group of women I have around me right now. From the #women supported by the project, and our amazing ‘team’ of staff, volunteers, & friends, Naomi, Sujata, Lauren, Megha, Anja, Blue, Lali, Sofi & Nikita. I’m sure I am not alone in saying that the Women’s Empowerment Project actually supports all of us on our journey. We Yoga together, chant, work, and play. It has brought me even closer to myself and my own feminine energy. The feminine energy (energies don’t correspond to gender – we all have both) is often misunderstood. I know for a long time, I functioned in a very #masculine, ‘I can do anything’ kind of way, it’s true, I can J, but I can be gentle & surrendering about it, and that is the feminine coming in.

The masculine is ‘doing’, ‘intellectual’, ‘outgoing’, ‘active’ and causes an increase in the hormone #cortisol in our bodies – hence it’s an addictive state, and is the body’s stress response – It can be a damaging state as it inflames and damages our organs when we remain here long term. The result is a weakened immune state, and all the issues that go alongside that, like #allergies.

Feminine ‘relaxed’ ‘intuitive’ ‘receptive’, ‘reflective’ and encourages an increase in #endorphins in our bodies – hence it is known as the happy hormone, and promotes satisfaction, contentment, they’re pain relieving and promote positive self-esteem.

I have found myself more in my #feminine in the last years, stepping out of the ‘workaholic’, and into a more content, centered and satisfied version of me, no need to be always ‘doing’. Now, sitting and watching nature is one of my most #blissful pastimes.

In terms of #health, I notice so many of my clients are functioning in their masculine state, they are in their sympathetic nervous systems, reactive, inflamed, anxious, allergic, so breathe, calm down, relax and allow your feminine.


If you feel to support us in our new venture, setting up a women owned and run business, then please donate via paypal;

Lots of love & Divine Feminine Vibes

Mango Wisdom Women

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