Can you separate what you eat and your mental health?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Food & mind are inseparable.

Food is the substance that nourishes our physical body & our precious mind. It’s the substance that makes our tissues; our plasma, our blood, our skin as a result of plasma & blood, our muscle, our fat, our bone, our nervous system which controls the activities of our body through its intricate network and finally, our reproductive tissues. Reproductive tissue is the final product of our food. Each of our cells contain the memory of the food you have eaten, remember the saying ‘you are what you eat’. Our body & mind is an amazing creation & also an amazing creator.

But, it needs the correct materials to do this;

In Ayurveda we categorise food in a few different ways but the umbrella for this is the 3 types;

Sattva-Pure; Rajas-Active; Tamas-Dull

Our minds are also categorised in 3 types

Sattva-Pure; Rajas-Active; Tamas-Dull

Some examples of Sattva food are; grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, lentils

Rajas foods are more active; things like caffeine-coffee, onion, garlic, chilli & other powerful spices, restaurant food is also Rajas along with anything cooked with a business mind. A small amount of alcohol is Rajas, however a large amount becomes Tamas

Tamas foods are dull and contain very little nutritional value, they have a depressing affect on the mind & the body; examples are anything in a packet, anything frozen, violent foods, old food-leftovers

What we ingest has a profound and inseparable affect on our mind and every single tissue in our body. Understand that we need to feed our body what it needs, we cannot expect quality performance if the raw material is poor quality.

Ayurveda never says that anything is ‘bad’, Ayurveda promotes a life of balance. Our diets should contain 80/15/5 and our minds should be the same.

Too much Rajas makes our minds over-active, it cannot rest, and becomes overloaded, we worry too much, we are stressed, insomnia, anxiety, stress, anger, over-reactivity, edgy, over-talkative, loss of control, hyperactivity

On the other hand excess Tamas makes the mind dull, processing of information is slow & learning is difficult, mind feels foggy and lazy, the system is depressed, the mind is depressed, weight gain is also possible. The fire of our whole system is depressed by trying to digest and assimilate poor quality material and the tissues are becoming this material

Both Rajas & Tamas prevent our true nature; Sattva- Pure Awareness from perceiving the world with clarity.

Be mindful, start with what you ingest

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