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Ayur = Life  Veda = Science

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian Science of Life. It's a complete system of health with powerful healing potential. 

In this 4 hour workshop you will; 

  • Gain a fundamental knowledge of Ayurveda's central concepts

  • Discover your unique constitution

  • Develop a clearer understanding of how your body functions - understand what balances & what imbalances YOU 

  • Learn how to maintain optimum health by implementing Ayurveda into life

  • Be able to recognise, rectify, prevent imbalances through simple Lifestyle Practices, Yoga, Nutrition & Herbs 

Duration; 4 hours​

Cost; £40


When the diet is wrong medicine is of no use, when the diet is correct medicine is of no need

Ayurveda explains the connections between the mind and the gut. We learn how to maintain an equilibrium & heal our bodies & minds gently & naturally.

​You will;

  • Learn how to heal yourself naturally

  • Understand the connection between your mind & your gut

  • Learn how to eat according to Ayurvedic principles, your unique body type & your imbalances

  • Discover the reasons for stubborn & persistent excess weight

  • Receive information on how to detox healthily & effectively 

  • Be given techniques to use to help you feel calmer & more in control

Duration; 4 hours​

Cost; £40


Find out that Ayurveda is for YOU with this 2 hour taster workshop

​Find out that Ayurveda is for you

The workshop will give you an understanding of;

  • What Ayurveda is about

  • What are imbalance, the causes & the effects

  • How to live more holistically 

Duration; 2 hours​

Cost; £25


Combine the sister sciences for a holistic approach

Yoga cannot be separated from its sister Ayurveda, the science of life or self-healing. Both disciplines are rooted in the understanding of creation & in India it is traditional to study Ayurveda before taking up the practice of Yoga

The course will enable you to;

  • Gain greater life-knowledge, self-awareness & self-understanding and therefore enhance not only your Yoga practice but your life, which is of course Yoga

  • Understand how to practice Yoga according to your Prakriti (individual constitution or true nature) in order to get the best from your practice.

  • Be a beautiful and positive role model & mentor for your students

  • Use the practical principles of Ayurvedic wisdom to get the best from yourself, maintain balance and to prevent & cure illness & disease ** (3)

  • Be an enabling and empowering teacher; share your knowledge & practice through your teaching and identify your student’s individual needs and plan your classes accordingly

Duration; 5 days or 10 hours​

Cost; £100


Bring the science of life into your life

The body and the mind are inseparable. Ayurveda shows us that with an understanding of how the body mind works according to the five element theory, tridosha, the gunas & how it all comes together we can maintain health & happiness in our own lives and be positive & helpful role models for others

This course will enable you to; 

  • Implement Dincharya in your own & others lives

  • Understand the concept of healing according to Ayurveda

  • Deepen your life-knowledge, self-awareness & self-understanding

  • Develop the art of self-reflection & support others to do the same

  • Balance yourself through nutrition 

  • Understand imbalance in terms of the five elements theory​

  • & more

Duration: 10 hours teaching plus assignments​

Cost: £100


1 hr class x 10 classes £70

Do you want to learn Yoga?
Find it hard to follow a class?
Feel uncomfortable?
Try this new course to get you started with your very own home practice. You is about YOU!

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