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Yoga in Sign - Modules 1-3

I have designed this unique course blending the ancient wisdom & science of Yoga & Ayurveda with modern teachings & science. Classes are formed of some theory & practice which is woven together in an accessible and easy to understand way. You will get to know your body in a deeper way than ever before, release energetic blocks along with improving your fitness, posture & overall health & well-being. This is an opportunity to build on what you have learned, you can move through the modules or stay where you are comfortable. Each Module contains a digital handbook and recordings are available via google drive. 

Module 1 - Clean & Flow - Focuses on clearing stagnant energy from the lower body/hip area so that we can feel more connected. This 4 class module will contain information about; Vata Dosha, Prana - the life-force, the Yamas (Ahimsa), the left & right brain (masculine & feminine), the Psoas - seat of soul & Root Chakra. This class will help you to trust yourself. Starts in December 2023. 

Module 2 -  Heart Energy - Focuses on how and why we protect our hearts, healthy boundaries, and asanas/postures to open up our shoulders, upper back and heart space. 4 classes. Starts in January 2024. 

Module 3 - Five Elements & Your Core - 6 classes

We are made up of the Five Elements - Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. 

This is Module 3 for those who have completed 1 & 2. 

We require space in our core - so you will learn Yoga Asana and visualisation techniques for creating physical & mental space at your core

We require Air to flow through our core easily to balance upper and lower energy centers and body

Fire requires the proper balance of space and air to burn properly - this represents your physical and mental digestion. 

Water must neither be retained in your core, nor should your core be dehydrated, maintaining healthy core ensures that you have proper water balance, means proper nourishment. 

Earth must also be properly balanced for us to feel safe and at home within our core. 


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