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We learnt such a lot about our bodies and this way of looking after them.  Laura's enthusiasm was very infectious and she is a model of the outcome of this way of being. Thank you very much! Highly recommended.

Annie, Brighton

Really impressed with the course Laura, I learnt so much and realised I actually knew so little! I'm definitely going to keep studying Ayurveda, so you've ignited a thirst for deeper knowledge. Words for today - inspiring/empowering/fascinating/ HELPFUL! loved it xx

Sarah, UK

Thank you Laura for such a fantastic workshop yesterday. You have an encyclopedic knowledge on Ayurveda and I was mesmerised. The workshop has given me a greater insight on this beautiful subject but has left me wanting more! Absolutely fascinating subject. Also so excited with the beautiful items that I bought. Looking forward to anymore workshops or retreats that you may offer. Namaste

Kim, UK

I started working with Laura in April of this year, as my go go go life completely caught up with me & I fell right to the floor. Laura had been recommended to me, and I was keen to try anything that wasn’t medication. I felt so comfortable from the very start, opening up and expressing how I truly felt in a really safe space. Laura has taught me so much, I now feel so connected with my body, my breath & feel the moment. I have been able to return to work, build  strong relationships, with understanding & boundaries & support me the way I needed to. I have lost weight, my hair & nails glow & grow beautifully, I am calm, and at peace. Thank you Laura, looking forward to starting our next chapter together in 2023.

Eliza, UK

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