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Yoga in Sign Language

As a child growing up with Deaf parents and then later working as CSW (communication support working) I always wanted to offer something directly to Deaf people without the barrier of communication. Back then i didn't know what it would be, and even when I completed my Yoga training, I still didn't know, but the first time I taught Yoga in Sign, it was clear that it was my path. 

Here are my current offerings, do keep an eye as I will be adding classes to the list. I can also work with you on a 1:1 basis if you would prefer. Email me for details.  


Chair Yoga
This class is for those who want to practice the art of Yoga but have limited mobility, issues with balance or want a more relaxing & grounding practice, where we are face to face throughout the class. You may be new to Yoga or have practiced before, either way you are very welcome.

Tuesday's at 10am

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