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Ayurvedic Nutrition vs Ultra-Processed Foods

There’s lots of information around right now that discussed ultra-processed food, but somehow I feel we are missing a vital point. If we look from an Ayurvedic perspective, we should eat simple foods - food that hasn’t been messed around with. Ayurveda doesn’t rule things out but does encourage us to be mindful of the fact that what we consume makes our tissues.

The scientists discussing the ‘ultra-processed’ foods have made it their mission to discover why these foods have such a negative impact on our systems. But what I want to ask is why do we need to know? Will manufacturers start removing the factors that cause the problems? Won’t this lead to further problems? In Ayurveda we understand the inherent relationship with food should be respected – unfortunately modern society appears to have forgotten this. It is clear to me that when food is messed around with or wasn’t even real food in the first place – then it is alien to the body, the body is unable to process it properly – it puts stress and strain on the body – causes over and under production of the hormones and chemicals we require our bodies to produce to stay healthy – leading to digestive issues – which lead to diseases.

Why don’t we just stop consuming this crap and return to real food? It’s a no-brainer if you ask me.

What do you think?

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