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What are you grounded in?

Ayurveda is underpinned by the Five Elements, otherwise known as Panchamahabhuta.

Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth.

The Elements that form everything and the method of understanding everything.

Earth & Water elements refer to Kapha Dosha, the dosha responsible for stability, growth & repair. Proper physical, mental & spiritual growth relies on proper grounding, proper balance of Kapha dosha in the body. Kapha is the opposite to Vata – Space & Air, which is responsible for all the knowledge & movement in the body.

The feelings of groundedness are contentment not seeking, satisfaction not lack, peace not chaos. focus & ability to retain information rather than flitting & forgetting.

Where does your stability come from? How do you stabilize yourself in this modern fiery, airy world?

Ayurveda teaches us to find our equilibrium every morning through Dinacharya – daily routine. This grounding practice includes internal & external practices that help us to remain grounded throughout the day.

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