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A mentally healthy attitude

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

There is a very fine line between sanity & insanity and we make a big mistake when we believe that we have the right or privilege to be angry. In doing this we push our own limits of sanity towards insanity. Each time we push these limits through our anger we risk not returning to sanity. We all hold the capacity to be insane, especially when we push the limits and justify pushing those limits because of external causes. When we show our unhappiness and make others responsible for it, we are getting closer& closer to insanity. Do not give others the privilege of making you angry & affecting your well-being. We may think we punish others for their behavior, but the reality is we only punish & poison ourselves.

Notes from lecture with Dr Arun Sharma, Bhagshu Nag, Himachal Pradesh

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