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What is fear?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

We have to understand that there are 2 types of fear

We have to understand the usefulness of these 2 types of fear

One is instinctual – the fear we need to survive

One is of the unfamiliar – it keeps us from living our lives as our true selves

Practice courage to overcome the latter

Courage not to be controlled by your fear

Courage to be the observer of your fear

Not to supress the fear, to master your fear

When life gets challenging do not turn and run to your safety net, that is your prison. Face it, head on, as an observer. Breathe. Learn the lessons the fear holds – understand what your wonderful life is patiently teaching you

SO challenge yourself everyday this week by doing something you would normally be fearful of.

It could be telling someone the truth – while remembering Ahimsa – non violence

Going somewhere alone

Maybe sitting and doing absolutely nothing

See what happens to your sense of self

And how your relationships change because you are courageously stepping into new territory

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